Where is Malaysia Airlines Plane? Can astrology forecast help locate MH 370 ?

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Never before in the recent history of Aviation accidents, there has been such an unsolved mystery surrounding the whereabouts of the plane which disappeared leaving the whole world baffled. The authorities are not in a position to provide the satisfactory answer to the relatives of the passengers on the ill fated Malaysian Airlines plane.

The search operations – which include the specialized agencies and the teams from more than a dozen countries, are unable to find the plane or its wreckage or the humans. There are ships, helicopters, planes, radars and satellites pressed into the service but as if the plane has disappeared into some unknown zone or into thin air.

The Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 which departed from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing at 00.21 a.m. on Saturday March 8 was carrying 227 passengers and 12 members of crew.  The airplane which is Boeing 777-200ER had on board maximum number of passengers from China and Taiwan about 154, followed by 38 Malaysian people, 7 from Indonesia, and 6 from Australian. Besides this there were few passengers of other nationalities such as United States, Canada, France, New Zealand, Ukraine, India, Russia, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria.

The airplane lost contact with the ground air traffic control within 1 to 2 hours after takeoff. What is baffling is that there was no distress given and the weather is clear at the time. It is said that the plane’s last contact was with air traffic controllers 120 nautical miles off the east coast of the Malaysian town of Kota Bharu.

I am sure that the best of technology has been deployed to find the missing plane, let us see if the Divine Vedic Astrology can help understand the phenomenon and know where the missing plane or its passengers could be.

Where is Malaysia Airlines' Missing Plane?

A horoscope cast for the time of take-off of flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur at 00.21 a.m. on March 8th is reproduced below:

Horoscope of the time of take-off of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370
Horoscope of the time of take-off of flight MH370 
The study of the astrological chart throws up the following indicators rather strongly:

  1. The first house is in zodiac sign Scorpio whose lord is Mars
  2. Mars is in the unfortunate 12th house. This house depicts loss, accident etc.
  3. There is one more cruel planet in the 12th house – Saturn
  4. These two planets are in the Rahu – Ketu axis.
  5. Rahu (dragon’s head) is having only 2 degrees distance from Mars.
  6. 12th house is in zodiac sign Libra – owned by Venus
Also the following table gives the position of the planets and the Ascendant
Position of Planets and Ascendant at the time of take off
Position of Planets and Ascendant at the time of take off

Can astrology forecast help locate the aircraft?

Before we try to interpret the above, let us study further:
  1. Mars as the lord of 6th house has gone to the 12th house.
  2. Rahu depicts the aviation business, Airlines, Electricity, Computers and Foreign elements.
  3. Libra is an Airy sign and barren sign
  4. Mars is a fiery planet
  5. Saturn is a planet of destruction and secrecy
It may mean the following:
  1. The plane probably already had some technical faults and it finally got destroyed.
  2. The nature of problem could be malfunctioning of the electrical / electronic circuits leading to failure of computer and communication systems.
  3. This could have let to mid air explosion. 
  4. The airplane could have fallen down in a place which is uninhabited.

Some finer astrological interpretations about the missing plane of Malaysian Airlines

The analysis of the astrological chart above is revealing some more information about this intriguing and baffling mystery.

Path of Flight MH 370 / Direction of the missing plane

Whatever may the scheduled flight path of the plane or the path actually taken by the plane, the plane may have changed its course (due to retrograde Mars) and could have moved to South or South West or West direction. This is because of the strong indications being given by the planets in 12th house and the zodiac sign Libra.

Could it be an act of terrorism ?

It is difficult to give a straight answer in terms of Yes or No. But there is a role of Ketu (Dragons’ tail) which cannot be overlooked. Ketu is directly opposite to the Ascendant lord Mars. In astrological terms, Ketu symbolizes weapon, sharp object and injury. A look at the planetary chart will show that Mars and Ketu are in close degrees.

Second part of this theory is to learn through astrology if the weapon was on board the plane of it came from outside? In astrology Ketu is said to represent North West direction. Hence, if this theory is to be believed then the sharp object came from the opposite direction.

However, before the readers form an opinion let me quickly add that this object need not be a missile or a military weapon. It could be tree at an high altitude or the peak of a hill. But certainly Ketu does not indicate any pleasant object or the cause of the accident, especially in this chart due to its position in the 6th house and in the zodiac sign of Aries – whose lord is again Mars itself. 

In astrology is said that Ketu behaves more as Mars.

Has the plane been hijacked?

This is one of the theories seen on the internet. Logically it could be a good possibility since the plane has neither been located nor was there any distress signal from its pilot. However, astrologically this possibility is not very strong – as it seen from the horoscope chart that the plane has lived its life after it got damaged.

Why there is a mystery surrounding the plane and its whereabouts?

As mentioned in the previous lines, Rahu and Saturn are the planets of mystery, secrecy and destruction. Unfortunately the Ascendant lord Mars is sharing the same house with them and it is the 12th house of the horoscope.

Also they are mutual enemies. Hence this fear of the tragedy, besides the long and solid mystery about Malaysian Airlines plane and its passengers and crew on board.

Also there could be possibilities of:
  1. The pilot loosing his sense of judgment / got disillusioned due to the influence of Rahu. This is possible because Rahu's influence creates a lack of clarity in the mind of the person.
  2. Some weapon from North – West direction hitting the plane.

When and how will the truth come out?

Perhaps we will never know the entire truth in one go. It is only the passage of time and the investigative nature of the man that will unravel the mystery layer by layer which is shrouding this unprecedented nature of freak incident in the history of aviation.

Astrologically it is the nature of secretive planets Saturn and Rahu which is keeping us away from the facts and it is only when Mars begins its direct motion when some concrete facts will come on the surface. Hence we are still a few weeks away from complete picture. 

Reconfirmation through the method of Prashana Kundali

We are dealing with very serious subject of missing plane, which has remained missing for the last so many days. This unprecedented and unfortunate incident in the history of aviation accident involves many human lives, their anxious and concerned family members, relatives, friends and well wishers. Besides the loss of goodwill and reputation, there is huge monetary loss for the Malaysian Airline, insurance companies and the aviation business. Even the country Malaysia cannot be considered isolated from the entire incident. In addition, there are the search agencies of a dozen or more countries which are fully involved in the search operations.

In Vedic Astrology, there is a principle of Prashana Kundali which helps answer the questions silently. The author of this article applied this principle at 14:21 hrs on March 12, 2014. The horoscope made is as follows:

Prashana Kundli for MH370 missing plane of Malaysian Airline
Prashana Kundli
Degrees of Planets

This Astrology chart gives the following facts which are being interpreted in layman’s language along side:

  1. The ascendant (first house) is Prishtodaya (rising from back), Nocturnal (strong at night time) and Jalchar (watery) besides it is a movable sign.
  2. There is Moon placed in that house.
  3. Both Moon and Ascendant degrees are close to each other with Moon ahead by 4 degrees.
  4. Both Ascendant and Moon are in the Pushya Nakshatra (constellation).
  5. This constellation is owned by Saturn.
  6. Saturn is retrograde and it aspects both Moon and the Ascendant
  7. There are two planets in the dreaded 8th house and they are Mercury and Sun.
  8. Also in the 12th house there is Jupiter.

The interpretation of the above information is somewhat as follows:

Nature of Question
This is a very powerful Prashana Kundli where the lord of the Ascendant Moon is itself present in the first house. This also tells us at that this question relates to Jeeva - living beings.


This seems to be a case of accident as (a) Saturn the lord of 7th and 8th house is aspecting the 1st house and Moon. (b) Two planets Mercury and Sun are in the 8th house. (c) Both Moon and the Ascendant are in the same constellation (of Saturn)

Timing of Accident
As per this method, it is indicated that the airplane of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370, met with the accident 4 days ago i.e. on March 08, 2014.

Nature of Accident
As per this method, it is indicated that the airplane of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370, met with the accident 4 days ago i.e. on March 08, 2014.

Type of Accident
The plane has been destroyed by fire in the mid air. 

Place of Accident
The accident may have taken place over water and / or now it is under water. 

Recovery – early or delayed
As per the principles of Prashana Shashtra if Moon and Lagna lord are afflicted then this delays the recovery.

My astrological research and the study of the horoscope is continuing and I’ll continue to add my latest findings on this blog from time to time.

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A humble note from the Author
This unfortunate incident has drawn the attention of the whole world. Irrespective of the nationality, caste, creed, age, profession or gender - every good human being is concerned.

Prayers are being organized, frenetic search for the missing plane and its passengers is on - in whatever state they are.

As a student of Vedic Astrology, it is my humble duty to the society to apply my skills in this cause.

Being an optimistic person, I don’t care if my readings go wrong. I pray to the Higher Powers for a miracle where all the passengers return back – safe and sound. This will bring smiles on hundreds and thousands of faces.